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Find information on current and future construction works below:

(Please keep in mind all dates are estimates and are subject to change due to scheduling, funding and weather.)


Heron Rd (Colbert Pathway to east of Jefferson) -EB bike tracks
800m of cycle-track from Colbert to Jefferson, on the south side of the Heron Road ROW.

Construction Start: Aug-2017
Ready For use Oct-2017
Completion: Nov-2017

Work expected for next month:
Final design and preparation for the tender portion.


2017 Multi-Use Pathway Renewal
• Pathway Link (Chomley Cres to Caverley St)
• Multi-Use Pathway Link (Bathurst Ave to Shelley Ave)

Construction Start: May-2017
Ready For use Oct-2017
Completion: Oct-2017



Sidewalk  Design and Construction
The scope of work will be for the design and construction of the Sidewalk and Curb Renewal locations listed.

Construction Start: Jul-2017
Ready For use Oct-2017
Completion: Nov-2017

Alta Vista Dr. (both sidewalks) from Cunningham Rd. to Billings Ave.
Alta Vista Dr. (both sidewalks) from Billings Ave. to Smyth Rd.
Kilborn Ave. (south side) from Utah St. to Beaver Ave.

Work expected for next month:
Complete all aspects of the Preliminary Design Phase.


2017 Transit Resurfacing Elmvale Bus Terminal
This rehabilitation project is a preventative maintenance undertaking aimed at extending the service life of the City’s transitway network.

Construction Start: Jul-2017
Ready For use Sep-2017
Completion: Sep-2017


Alta Vista Transportation Corridor
The major scope items for this project are as follows:
1) Realignment of Riverside Drive
2) Extension of Frobisher Lane
3) New roadway as described in the ESR connecting Riverside Drive to the Hospital facility including the following elements:
a) new structure crossing over Riverside Drive
b) new structure crossing over the Southeast Transitway
c) new bus ramps connecting to the Southeast Transitway
d) new VIA Rail railway bridge
e) at grade intersection at Alta Vista Drive
f) Modifications to Alta Vista Drive in the area immediately surrounding the new roadway
g) new noise attenuation elements
h) landscaping as described in the ESR and
i) Stormwater facilities as described in ESR.The construction will span over 3 years starting early in 2015 and ending in late 2017. A separate landscaping contract will be undertaken in 2018.

Construction Start: Mar-2015
Ready For use Nov-2017
Completion: Dec-2017

Work expected for this month:
Continue with communications plan for project impacts to local residents including monthly updates.Complete VIA Rail Bridge substructure excluding wing walls.Commence VIA Rail Bridge girter erection mid June Underground traffic, street lighting and cabling of Alta Vista Drive intersection (off road).

Traffic Impacts expected for next month:
Riverside Drive will be open to 2 lanes in each direction. Traffic slowdowns due to construction activities along the roadway are not anticipated. Alta Vista Drive intersection work will be under construction and one lane in each direction will be maintained.


Asphaltic Overlay on St. Laurent Blvd, Briar Hill Dr, Fethaerston Dr, Halifax Dr, Heron Rd, Jefferson St

Briar Hill Dr – from Featherston Dr to Heron Rd (OR 16) (Mill and pave)Featherston Dr – from Kilbron Dr to Ryder St (Mill and pave)Halifax Dr – from Saunderson Dr to Walkley Rd (Mill and pave)Heron Rd – from Bank St to Finn Ct (Mill and pave)Jefferson St – from Heron Rd (OR 16) to Featherston Dr (Mill and pave)Brando Cr – from #33 Brando Cr to #39 Brando Cr (Mill and pave)Fireside Cr – from Tapolia Cr to Tapolia Cr (Mill and pave).

Construction Start: Jun-2017
Ready For use Aug-2017
Completion: Sep-2017


Multi-Use Pathway Renewal East 

Funded Renewal of Existing Pathways. Browning Ave to Botsford St (South of Browning Ave – Discontinuous section of Botsford St).

Construction Start: Jul -2017
Ready For use Nov-2017
Completion: Nov-2017


Newmarket Roadway Rehabilitation from Bantree to Michael Street

Reconstruction of roadway from Bantree to Michael Street. Ditching Improvements, replacement of the csp culvert located at Michael Street and cathodic protection also required per revised scoping document. Sidewalk to be constructed on north side of the road once the ECA permit is received and drainage structures are working.

Construction Start: Aug -2016
Ready For use: Oct -2016
Completion: Aug-2017


Sewer Repairs 

The scope of this project is to address storm and sanitary sewer structural deficiencies identified during the Closed Circuit television video inspection.

Ward 18: (A) Applewood Cres from Portal St to Cunningham, (B) Atwater St from Florida Ave to Featherston Dr, (C) Cavendish Rd from Portal St to Rachael Ave, (D) Crocus Ave from Blossom Dr to Niagara Dr, (E) Featherston Dr from Featherston Dr to Connecticut Ave, (F) Grace Street from Hillary Ave to Stratford Ave, (G) Illinois Ave from Virginia Dr to Sharel Dr (H) Kilborn Ave from Old Lilac Lane to Crocus Ave,(I) Mountbatten Avenue from Blossom Dr to Cavendish Rd, (J) Mountbatten Avenue from Cavendish Rd to Portal St.

Construction Start: May -2017
Ready For use: Nov -2017
Completion: Nov-2017

Traffic Impacts expected for next month:
Minor disruptions to traffic lane as reductions may occur on various streets.


St.Laurent Boulevard Transit Improvements (Industrial to Smyth)

Transit improvements along St. Laurent from Innes/Industrial intersection southerly to the Smyth/Lancaster Road intersection with connections to the exclusive transit lanes at the Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre south of the Intersection on Russell Road.

Construction Start: Sep -2016
Ready For use: Oct -2017
Completion: Nov-2017

Work expected for the next month:
Nighttime closures one lane operational at all times. Occasional daytime closures.