Dear Neighbours,

Thank you for stopping by this page to learn a little bit more about the Alta Vista Safe Streets program. Traffic issues are among the top concerns that are received by the Councillor’s office. This initiative was first developed by previous Councillor Peter Hume in 2011, as an immediate response to vehicles travelling on our local streets at unsafe speeds.

As your incoming Councillor, I am committed to continuing with this program. My staff and I will work closely with the Traffic Department to address identified problem areas in a timely and cost-effective way. Upon receiving your concerns, we will deploy a radar sign, which collects speed and car count information from that particular area. When appropriate, we will implement existing strategies that have proven effective, while always considering and seeking innovative traffic calming approaches.

At any time, I strongly encourage you to provide your feedback on the program. Please email us at

Please take the time to slow down when driving in our community.