Below are some strategies and equipment that is used by the Safe Streets program. To report your traffic concern, or to learn some additional information about the items below, please email or call my office at 613-580-2488.

Radar Signs

The Alta Vista Safe Streets program owns three radar signs: two smaller models that are well suited for local residential roadways, and a larger model that is more suited for minor collector roads. These signs are rotated through the ward based on resident requests.   Each sign collects speed and car count data which is then summarized and posted online. This data may then be sent to the Traffic Department to determine whether any actions are warranted.

Traffic Calming Lawn Signs

Our office loans lawn signs to residents who would like to boost driving safety awareness on their street. A limited number of these signs, reading “Drive with Care” and “Kids at Play”, are loaned continuously from April to October. To reserve your sign, please email

Centre Line Flex Signs

Usually placed subsequently in groups of 2-4 signs, ‘flex signs’ give the appearance of a narrower road way, which naturally encourages motorists to reduce their speed. Installing these signs along the centre line also means that vehicles must stay within their proper lane, even when sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles.

When passing the signs, vehicles are forced to slow down to a speed that they, and other types of road users, would feel comfortable with. With parked vehicles directly beside a sign, and nearby pedestrians or cyclists, this might mean a traveling speed of 10 – 15 km/h. It is also recommended that motorists and cyclists stay in single file, without passing.

Speed Limit Road Paint

Painting the speed limit directly on the roadway serves to attract the attention of motorists in a different way than a traditional speed limit sign. This initiative is not meant to force vehicles to reduce their speeds, but to grab their attention and consideration to their traveling speed. That being said, follow-up data suggests that average speeds have been reduced by up to six km/h where speed limits were painted on road surfaces.

Speed Limit Reduction

On qualifying local residential roadways, community members may undertake a petition processs, which might reduce the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h. The Alta Vista Safe Streets program can assist as a liaison between residents and the Traffic Department, to facilitate the process.