As part of our Safe Streets initiative, we have invested in a number of solar powered speed display boards through the Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) program. You’ve likely passed by one of these boards while travelling through Alta Vista, but in case you haven’t, here are their locations:

Street From To Address Direction
Arch Street Holt Crescent Bangor Street On street light adjacent to 2134 Arch SB
Blossom Drive Crocus Avenue Begonia Avenue On street light, east side, 8m north of Crocus Ave NB
Briar Hill Drive Garand Place Amberdale Crescent S New 6×6 between 2375/2379 Briar Hill NB
Canterbury Avenue Plesser Street Arch Street On second hydro pole west of Plesser EB
Dauphin Road Hamlet Road Tweed Avenue New 6×6 directly across from 1901 Dauphin. SB
Featherston Drive Conrad Avenue Sharel Drive New 6×6 On bulb out in front of 2070 Featherston NB
Featherston Drive Wyndale Crescent E Wyndale Crescent W On street light on property line between 1760/1768 EB
Kilborn Avenue Beaver Avenue Niagara Drive On hydro pole in front of 1335 Kilborn WB
Playfair Drive Beaumont Road Dunkirk Crescent  E Street light in sideyard of 1838 Dunkirk EB
Pleasant Park Road Elmside Avenue Norway Crescent W New 6×6 side yard of 2011 Elmside across from property line between 588/594 WB
Pleasant Park Road Dorval Drive Delmar Drive On 2nd street light east of 636 Pleasant Park EB
Randall Avenue Ralston Street Ridgecrest Place New 6×6 post on property line between 1350/1360 Randall Avenue EB
Russell Road Tupper Avenue Southvale Crescent N On hydro pole located across the street from 2240 Russell NB
Smyth Road Haig Drive Edgecombe Street New 6×6 on property line between 728/732 Smyth EB
St. Laurent Boulevard Joliffe Street Susan Street On hydro pole between 2169 & 2175 St. Laurent NB

These speed display boards were installed between May 2017 and July 2017, and will remain in their current locations for at least one year.

Please be advised of the following:

  • There may be gaps in the data due to the lack of adequate sunlight on a particular day to power a specific speed display board
  • We have provided the report that is currently available through the vendor, Kalitec. TTC will continue to work with the vendor to further develop the reporting capabilities

I strongly encourage you to provide your feedback on the program by emailing us at