Service Ottawa, also known as 3-1-1, is the City’s primary customer service tool. You can directly make 3-1-1 service requests using the links below.

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“It is my privilege to be your City Councillor. Please if I can ever be of service to you and your family, never hesitate to reach out to my office. We are here to support you.”

-Jean Cloutier

Service Ottawa, also known as 3-1-1, is the City’s primary customer service tool.

If you have a service request, please call 3-1-1 directly.

You can also create an account at http://myservice.ottawa.ca and file a report online. We highly encourage you to use this method of on-line reporting, as it will eliminate the waiting time by calling 311 and you can see status updates as they become available.

Or you can directly make 3-1-1 service requests using the links below (each bullet is hyperlinked to the appropriate Service Ottawa page):

Water and Environment

City Trees – Brush/Wood Removal

City Trees – Stump Removal

City Trees – New Tree Maintenance

City Trees – Insect Infestation

City Trees – Determine Ownership

City Trees – Trees in Trust

City Trees – Determine Health

Graffiti – OC Transpo

Graffiti – Public Property – Offensive

Graffiti – Public Property – Vandalism


Fire hydrant or route

Disabled parking spaces

Unauthorized vehicle parked in your space


Municipal Park

No Parking Zone

No Stopping Zone

Winter Overnight Parking – Restricted Zone

On Sidewalk

Too Far From Curb (impeding traffic)

Street – Over time limit

Oversized Vehicle

Front Yard Parking

Parking – public lanes and alleys

Parking – laneways and driveways

Graffiti on private property – Offensive

Graffiti on private property – Vandalism

Smoking at a City Facility/Property

Smoking in a Common Area

Smoking at a Hospital or Long Term Care Facility

Smoking at a Restaurant, Bar, Patio

Smoking at a School

Smoking Shisha/Hookah

Tobacco Retail Sales to Minor

Tobacco Retail Signage Violation

Tobacco Retail Signage Request

Smoking in the Workplace Violation

Dog Previously at Large

Dog Barking

Dog in Park

Unlicensed Dog

Lost My Pet

Dog Muzzle Order Violation

Stoop and Scoop Violation

Pitbull Issue

Unlicensed Cat

Cat Disturbance

Illegal Exotic Animal

Too Many Animals

Private Property Maintenance – Building Exterior

Private Property Maintenance – Building Interior

Private Property Maintenance – Business Premise Inspection

Private Property Maintenance – Derelict Vehicle

Private Property Maintenance – Elevators

Private Property Maintenance – Exterior Debris/Waste

Private Property Maintenance – Grass/Long Weeds

Private Property Maintenance – Abandoned shopping cart

Machinery Noise

Car Alarm Noise

Construction Site Noise

Delivery Vehicle Noise

Garbage Noise

Loud Noise


Garbage and Recycling

Black Box Collection – Houses

Blue Box Collection – Houses

Order a Garbage and Recycling Collection Calendar (Calendar A)

Order a Garbage and Recycling Collection Calendar (Calendar B)

Garbage Collection

Special Consideration

Green Bin Collection

Obtaining All New Bins

Obtaining a New Black Box

Obtaining a New Blue Box

Obtaining a New Green Bin

Obtaining a New Kitchen Container

Christmas Tree Collection

Recreation and Culture

Abandoned shopping cart in a City Park

Grass in City Park Requires Maintenance

Wild Parsnip, Poison Ivy or Giant Hogweed in municipal park

Ball Diamond Field Requires Maintenance

Garbage Cans in Parks

Shrub or Bush in City Park Requires Maintenance

Trail/Pathway in City Park Requires Maintenance

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