#Spinnie is a celebration of Ottawa. Ottawa is the site of a series of events to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in the year 2017, and the Ottawa 2017 Bureau wants to get Ottawans in the spirit of celebration through the launch of the Spinnie campaign.

Participants record a short video selfie of themselves spinning (spin + selfie = spinnie) in their favourite location in Ottawa. The Spinnies are uploaded to our website site where visitors can vote for their favourite videos. The Spinnie with the most votes for each month wins a prize!

Spinnie locations can be scenic, private, or just a place with great Ottawa memories. The Ottawa 2017 Bureau is asking for you to post your Spinnie on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a message that shows your #Spinnie. Attached, you will find a social media kit with sample language for posting. We encourage you to visit spinnie.ca to view your Spinnie and take a look at all of the #Spinnies that people have taken.

Check out my spinnie here!