Nestled in the lush NCC greenspace at the intersection of Pleasant Park Road and Riverside Drive, by the Rideau River, 150 sugar, red, and silver maple trees are taking root and adding to the scenic landscape along the multi-use pathway.

Surrounded by the new additions, I was honoured to unveil Alta Vista’s Canada 150 Maple Grove, on the UN World Environment Day with Canada as host. The Maple Groves are the embodiment of our dedication to the well-being of the environment for our children’s future and that of the many generations to come.

This unveiling marked our commitment to the improvement and protection of our environment, to taking the time to enjoy our environment, and highlight the importance of nurturing and respecting our natural resources.

The new plantings add to Alta Vista’s tree canopy and -while purifying the very air we breathe, will serve as a living legacy of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations that will continue to grow in communities throughout Ottawa.

Side-by-side with mature trees, the maple groves are symbolic of our older generations standing together with new generations in the goal of preserving the environment, perfectly encompassing the mission of the Canada 150 Maple Grove Project.