Ottawa – The City of Ottawa is proceeding with eight renewable energy and energy conservation projects, totalling $300,000, as a practical way to advance the City’s Renewable Energy Strategy, called Energy Evolution.

An update report on the Energy Evolution Strategy and the City’s Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan was received today by the Environment and Climate Protection Committee. This report notes the many City strategic initiative projects that are underway to improve the environment including the completion of the Confederation Line,  expansion of the pedestrian and cycling pathways system, and the planting of more than 150,000 trees.

The report also notes a number of studies underway to increase Ottawa’s use of clean energy. This includes solar energy projects along with the use of heat pumps, biomass, district energy systems and water power, as well as more energy conservation.

The report notes the catalyst projects that are being funded by the City through Budget 2017. These are smaller-scale pilot projects that could lead to larger projects to advance the goal of clean energy and energy conservation.

Another update report on Energy Evolution Strategy will be considered by Environment and Climate Protection Committee in the last quarter of 2017.

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