Coyotes are common throughout North America, including in urban areas. You may see and hear them more during mating season (Dec-Feb) and when juveniles are dispersing from family groups (Sept-Nov).

Call 3-1-1 to report coyote sightings. For life threatening emergencies regarding a coyote (in which a human life is in danger), contact the Ottawa Police Dispatch at 613-230-6211.


DON’T FEED COYOTES. Remove or secure any food source, including garbage, composters, pet food, fruit and berries. Remember, birdfeeders attract birds and small animals, which Coyotes feed on.

KEEP PETS SAFE. Pets left unattended are a potential food source for animals like Coyotes and fishers. Pick up your small dog if you see a coyote.

DISCOURAGE BOLD COYOTES. Because Coyotes have become used to seeing people, some may appear bold on occasion. You should discourage this behaviour by making noise, waving your hands, clapping and shouting.

ENCOUNTERING A COYOTE WHILE WALKING. Don`t run. Wave your arms and make noise until he retreats. Be ‘Big, Bad and Loud’.

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For more details on wildlife problems, please visit the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre.