As we wrap up a year filled with celebrations marking our country’s sesquicentennial anniversary, it’s only fitting to cap the festivities with a time capsule.

Each Ward in our City will have the opportunity to select items that reflect the character of their community to be added to the time capsule.

I ask residents to come together and share suggestions on what Alta Vista should submit to the City of Ottawa’s time capsule for consideration by Monday, September 25th. The final selection will be announced on Friday, September 29th. All ideas are welcome!

Items to consider including are:

  • medals and commemorative coins
  • documents and other publications on quality paper
  • black-and-white photographic prints
  • Cotton and polyester textiles
 It’s important to keep in mind the following details:
  • If Flash drives (USB), CDs or DVDs are included, the equipment to play them back may not be available when the time capsule is opened
  •  If a Smartphone or other artifacts are included,  DO NOT include the battery
  • All wood, especially pine and oak, gives off acid vapours and they will be sealed away from electronic equipment or metal articles in the time capsule 
  • Newsprint is acidic and deteriorates easily. It will be isolated from the rest of the contents
  • Color prints and slides can fade even when kept in the dark
  • Textiles must be clean and insect free