At today’s Transit Commission meeting, OC Transpo launched its Ready for Rail information and education campaign, which will help equip customers with the tools they need to take their new journey on the O-Train Confederation Line starting in 2018.

A report on the Ready for Rail campaign was received today by the Transit Commission.

OC Transpo introduced this dedicated campaign to help achieve a smooth transition from a bus-focused to a multi-modal system in 2018. It will use a variety of communication formats and channels, including bus ads, videos and social media posts, to provide key facts and simple “how-to” demonstrations about the new customer journey and new system experience, such as using fare gates and transferring.

The Ready for Rail campaign offers a range of information on topics, including routes and stations, ticket machines and customer help points, accessibility and safety features and frequency of service. It answers many questions including: “How often will it come?”, “How many will it carry?” and “How will I get to it?”

As part of the campaign, OC Transpo today launched a new Ready for Rail section on its website, which can be found at This is now the new go-to resource for all things related to service on the Confederation Line.