The news of Postmedia’s decision to close our community newspapers is one that weighs heavily on me. I am deeply saddened by this announcement.

To say that our local weeklies and Metro daily papers were a window into our community’s goings-on and the key to connecting us with our neighbours is an understatement.

Our community papers have been a vehicle through which we receive information about local issues –so often overlooked by larger news outlets. They offer us an important connection to one another.

This is a big loss for our community, one that will deprive us of a service which we have grown accustomed to. To help us stay connected, let’s not forget our local papers –the Riverview Park Review and the Vistas. I also invite you to share community events with me by email to be published in my weekly e-newsletter and posted on my website. Feel free to subscribeHERE.

I commend the Community Associations who have begun an online petition to present to the Competition Bureau of Canada who is investigating the business agreement between Postmedia and Torstar.