Ottawa has the highest public transit ridership per capita of any City its size in North America. The O-Train Confederation Line will provide an efficient and effective public transit service that will aid in the City’s future growth, since more people will be able to travel more quickly.

The Confederation Line will have 17 trains, each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars. These trains provide a comfortable ride, and feature ultra quiet operation both inside and out. Each two-car train will be able to accommodate up to 600 passengers in quiet comfort – 240 seated and 360 standing. With 14 fully accessible double doors on each side of a train and long, spacious platforms at the stations, boarding will be quick and easy, even at rush hour.

The O-Train Confederation Line will operate on a fully grade-separated rail line – including operating through an underground tunnel downtown – meaning transit service along the line will not be affected by traffic congestion, traffic lights or inclement weather. With trains arriving every 5 minutes or less at peak times, service will be efficient and reliable for customers.

For more information on the O-Train Confederation Line, please visit OC Transpo’s new “Ready for Rail” web section at or contact OC Transpo at 613-741-4390.